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THT Healing (The Hermit Healing Technologies) is a wellness and self-development lifestyle brand and magazine that focuses on harmonizing harmful imbalances present in all areas of one’s life. It is our firm belief that each individual’s journey to achieve happiness and fulfillment is a journey of discovering the true potential and purpose of each of us!

Fábio Rosa (BILAL) is a Therapist, Kabbalist, Teacher and Reiki Master, born on December 17, 1981, in Madeira Island in Portugal.

Fábio Dinarte Rocha Fernandes Rosa (BILAL) – Founder
The Hermit Healing Technologies

He is the Founder of  THT Healing ( The Hermit Healing Technologies )  and the creator of Malak Noor Therapy. This therapy is the result of years of learning with some of the best Masters in the World, being in its essence the combination of several healing techniques of several energetic and spiritual systems in one.

Having started Reiki in the year 2004 he became a Master in the year 2008 in the two largest schools/currents in the world (Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho) (Usui Reiki Tibetan). His great interest and study of alternative therapies, made him also formed and became a Master in several other energy systems, including variants of Reiki itself, such as Kundalini, Seichim, Ra-Sheeba, Karuna, Templar Dregree… among others.​

His work with alternative therapies has gained greater notoriety since 2010, when he created the Malak Noor Therapeutic System, obtaining excellent results in the treatment and monitoring of patients in post-traumatic recovery. In 2011, following the positive results of his therapies, he attracted several health professionals in order to analyze and experience his work, reaching the conclusion (quoting):  “…In addition to being an extremely pleasant and transforming experience, it is concluded that the results of this Therapy are positive and are visible in the short and medium term. Functioned as a powerful complement to conventional medicine…”

THT Healing
The Hermit Healing Technologies

In 2018, with the objective of disseminating alternative therapies and raising awareness about the health care that each of us must have to live a prosperous and happy life, THT-Healing (The Hermit Healing Technologies) was created. An organization created for Portuguese language speakers around the world and which aims to make available to its public the best and real information, consultations and energy therapies, articles, documents, interviews, books, videos, on food, spirituality, science and technology, well-being and health.

“THT Healing is an organization, united with the same purpose and belief, working for the spiritual awakening of the human race. We believe that all human beings can achieve greatness and eternal fulfillment, when provided with the right “tools”. And the most important part of our Being is our mind so we humbly provide the “tools” that “we” believe to be the ones that will trigger your Self-Growth and Eternal Fulfillment. All therapies and ideas gathered here have the ultimate purpose of uniting us and never dividing us, to free us from dogmas that prevent us from growing together, living in balance with nature, in peace with ourselves and with those around us.”

Sincere Thanks to the following Masters, Organizations and Friends: Rav Michael Laitman and Prof. Anthony Kosinec (Bnei Baruch), Yehuda Berg and Daniel Kwinter (Kabbalah Center), Alex Ben, Iman Abdel, Dr. Susana Ramos, Masters Jorge and Sandra Ramos, Dona Isa, Master Tran Thanh, Prof. Rita Soarez, OSMTH (Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani),  Kabbalah Center UK, Kabbalah Bnei Baruch Israel..